Winner of The story of Kokoro contest.

The winner of The story of Kokoro contest is Erick Gregori Kowalski. He won issue 1,2 and  limited-edition issue number one signed at Collectivity in Salisbury NC. Special thanks to  Collectivity for hosting the event. It was nice to see an excited fan. Look out for more up coming events and more give aways.

Happy late new year!

Hey everyone I just want to write something in my blog. happy new year to everyone! Sorry it’s a little late, been working on the new book the story of Kokoro issue three. Which I’m looking to release in May or June. Still too early to say. Preview book come out next month.

Just wanted to take this opportunity for fans of the book to tell you the progress of the year. First and foremost thank you to the fans. Sold quite a few books and got a lot of people excited about the story of Kokoro. Thank you to the stores that are carrying the story of Kokoro which are, NC, Collectivity, Growing pains family consignment shop, and Dead ED’s. I’m proud to announce our first New York location Tor comics. It was fun spending my summer doing signings and meeting everyone did about six last year hoping to do even more this year.

Don’t forget to get your free digital copy of this month of issue one! Offer expires 1/31/2013.

So that’s pretty much the recap for the new year. Having a YouTube video coming out next month and remember if you want your copy please click on this link to see the locations that carry the story of Kokoro or order it online at

Black Friday comic signing

Hey hope everone had a good turkey day. I had a black friday signing for issue one and two at growing pain family consignment shop. Best signing yet. I think the words getting out about The Story of Kokoro. Lots of fun that night. One guy liked it so much he gave me $20 for 2 issue and said keep the change, Nice. Looks like this was the last signing of the year for me. That a total of 5 comic book signings.

Progress report on issue 3 on page 4 once i get half way ill have a release date. Hoping to have a Preview book by the end of next month. We will see how it goes.

Thanks everyone for your support.

The Story of Kokoro issue 3

A quick recap of The Story Of Kokoro for this month. I started issue 3. I got the story written out and have edited it twice. Have the cover and pages 1 and 2 done! I’m looking to have a preview book done by the end of December. Hoping to make the due date in May of 2013. I have one more signing coming up at Growing Pains Consignment Shop in Salisbury NC. I have been meeting a lot of fans of the book and getting great feedback.

Collectivity comic shop signing!

Great night at Collectivity Comic Shop. Got some great feedback from fans about The Story of Kokoro. Lots of referrals from fans. Had a lot of fun hanging with the the group at Collectivity. Joking around with the Captain and the Kid, Rob and Isaac. Great group of guys, we just geeked out talking about comics. Got asked a lot of question about The Story of Kokoro, like where I got my inspiration from, how I mad it and so forth. Just a fun time meeting fans getting to see what they thought. I’m not tooting my own horn, but it was a triumphant night.


Seriously great group of guys! If you love comic’s then you got to check out,

Collectivity Comic Shop

111 W. Fisher St.

Salisbury NC 28147



It’s my home for buying comic’s or just hanging with the guy’s.


Dead Eds WOW!

Really great turn out at Dead Ed’s Tonight. Those guys are awesome! Man they rocked out for The Story of Kokoro! Stickers for the kids and I got to hang with batman and spiderman. I can’t say enough about the crew at Dead Ed’s just great people. Thanks Stacey, Scott, and rose. A special thanks to Scott and his friend who spent all night in heavy hot costumes handing out flyers.

Getting this party started!

Very productive week. I now have page 9 and 10 done of issue 2. I have page 11 inked and digitized and ready for color. I plan on getting to page 14 or 15 this month. I have meet with the owner of Collectivity in Salisbury NC and I’ll be doing a signing June 22, 2012 from 6pm to 9pm for issue 1. I’m also working with the owners of Dead Ed’s to have the launch of issue 2 on September 7, 2012 from 6pm to 9pm. Looking at doing the NC Comicon on November 17-18. All the info is on my website at Hope to see you there.

Preview of issue 2 is now up

Kokoro issue 2 page 1

Kokoro issue 2 page

So much to tell, first and for most issue 2 preview book is now on the website at on Facebook at Check it out. The release date is September 1, 2012.  I’m working on some events like a signing and a convention. Working the details out. Look back here for dates, times and places. I have updated the site with a countdown timer and characters update.  Great news to anyone who would like to carry my comic, buy 5 or more of issue one get 25% off the cover price !  So that’s it in a nut shell.

A video of my studio.

The creator of The Story of Kokoro William Gordon give a tour of his studio. See where The Story of Kokoro made and see the process of how and independent comic book is made.

Page 7 and 8 of issue 2 are done!

Great weekend! Page 7 and 8 of issue 2 are done! Which means the preview book is coming in the next couple of weeks. I was interviewed this weekend by Steve Mensing, Editor-in-Chief of Rowan Free Press. Here’s the link to the article  .

Working on a YouTube video of a behind the scenes of the comic. So look out for that in the next couple of days.

So look out for YouTube video and preview book of The Story of Kokoro issue 2.